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"I want to eat your sparrow, come
here. I want to lick your sparrow claws come
here. I want to cut your sorrows out
you’re hollowed out. Come here.
I want to suck your fingers off.
Come here.
I want to give you your history back.
Your fingers back. I want to tell you yes.
Come back. I want to show you my pressure,
my heavy, my opened and clothes, my under
and o’s. Come here. I want to finger
your bones back. I want to sew your bones back
I want to re-blood your history.
I want to undo you like a mystery
novel. Is this the kitchen? The table-saw?
Is this your memory? Your tree-dream? You’re declawed.
I want to give you your teeth back. Your teeth marks.
I want to spit back your teeth-pull. I want to unhinge your heart-jaws.
Come here. I want to sit you down on the bed and give you back
my years. Here. I breathed your name into the leaves.
Here. I breathed you back into the trees. Here. This is your tree-dream
this is your tree-house, this is a bedroom, this is a silver broom
this is a shallow dream. This is my tree-dirt, my bee shirt.
This is my honey-stalk and these are your climbing shoes.
Harmonica me to sleep again. Put your sparrow on my back skin."

Kallie Falandays, “I Want To Tell You Yes” (via commovente)

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Jimmy once met a tiger.

It came to him and spoke to him and Jimmy was surprised to find that tigers could talk. He thought tigers would growl (or roar, or yowl) but this tiger sounded like TV static.

The tiger asked questions. Jimmy gained a tiger friend.

And then one day the tiger asked an important question, to which Jimmy’s answer was a definite, “Yes.”

A human wore a tiger skin. The tiger wore a human suit. Seamless, Jimmy couldn’t tell where the tiger ended and he began, even when he squinted real hard.

Unsure of whether he met a tiger or simply himself, Jimmy blinked his big cat eyes.

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you will honestly never convince me that’s not ben edlund

Ben Edlund is the original tigerstiel stan. This explains so much.

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hellotrickster said: Clairestiel or Tigerstiel?

Clairestiel, if only because I haven’t completely worked out how Tigerstiel works. Like how does he communicate with Dean? Tigerstiel is really interesting to me in broad strokes, but when we get down to the nitty-gritty details of a ‘verse, Clairestiel is easier for me to work with.

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